Certifications Offered By Lotus

190-510 Lotus Domino R5 Designer Fundamentals
190-513 Lotus Using JavaScript in Domino R5 Applications
190-520 Lotus Maintaining Domino R5 Servers and Users
190-521 Lotus Implementing a Domino R5 Infrastructure
190-522 Lotus Deploying Domino R5 Applications
190-601 Lotus Domino 6 Application Development Update
190-610 Lotus RE's ND6 Application Development Foundation Skills
190-611 Lotus Notes Domino 6 Application Development Intermediate Skill
190-612 Lotus Notes Domino 6 Developing Web Applications
190-620 Lotus RE's Notes Domino 6 System Administration Operating Fundementals
190-621 Lotus RE's Notes Domino 6: Building the Infrastructure
190-622 Lotus RE's Notes Domino 6 Managing Servers and Users
190-623 Lotus Notes Domino 6 Configuring Domino Web Servers

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